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Looking for the School Supply List??

Looking for the School Supply List??

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Pre-packaged school supplies can be ordered thru the PTO for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.  The links to the order forms are found below.  In addition, if you do not wish to order thru the PTO’s bulk supplier we have also made available the school supply list for your convenience.  If you have any questions on ordering the supplies thru the PTO please contact Ashleigh Hamblin at 235-3913 or

School Supply List 14-15

Below are the order forms for the PTO sponsored school supplies – This is not a fundraiser for the PTO and is only provided as a convenience to parents.  The deadline to order your supplies by turning the order form in to your student’s teacher is May 9th.  If you prefer to order them online that deadline is May 16th.  No matter how you order them the kits will be at the school waiting for you student on August 13th!

Kindergarten order form

1st Grade Order Form

2nd Grade Order Form

3rd Grade Order Form

4th Grade Order Form

5th Grade Order Form